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Largest Community of Austin Dads

We became the largest community of Austin Dads to ever exist within our first week of launching. We continue to grow daily with new dads joining our community.Not only are we large, the dads are very interactive and engaged within the community.

Partner Perks

By becoming a Supporting Partner these are just a few of the perks you get as a sign of appreciation from our community.

Website Advertisements

We have rotating banners that run on the home page, footer of the website and sidebar.The banners rotate between all of our partners. Along with those, your business is listed in the partner directory.

E-mail Advertisements

Our email list is growing on a daily basis, and your company will have the opportunity to get in front of our audience in a very organic and trustworthy way.
Not just an “ad”, but a conversation with our subscribers to actually get them to engage.

Social Media Promotions

Forget Facebook pages, those are too “corporate” looking with little engagement no matter how many likes. We will promote you to our Facebook group that’s the most active facebook group for dads to ever exist in Austin.

Event Promotions

Sometimes the best way to get customers is to get them to meet you in person. If you hold events specific to dads that offers the opportunity for them to spend quality time with their kids, we’ll promote those events to the community to ensure you have a packed house.

Understanding the Numbers

Here is a breakdown of just a few examples and numbers so you can know what you’re paying for as a business..


Active Members


Post, Comments, Likes
(last 28 days)


User Engagement


Website Visitors

Have an Experience Based Business?

The Lonestar Dads show

Whether your business is camper rentals, skydiving, bowling, zip lining or other experiences… We have an additional option for you that’s included in the package – no extra fees!

That option is to create a poweful vlog out of your experience you offer people. That goes up on the website, social media platforms, groups and etc. It stays up, never comes down… even if you don’t stay a partner.

Some partners that have taken us up on this offer is a Zip Lining company and an app called Outdoorsy.

This is obviously fully optional.


Partnering with Lone Star Dad’s group has been one of the best marketing decisions I have made this year! My business was shut down for weeks due to Covid however, the phone was ringing with new clients interested in our services. I couldn’t believe the response we had from the Lonestar Dad’s group! My business picked up immediately! Partnering with Lonestar quite possibly saved my business. If you are thinking about sponsoring, I highly recommend it.”

Liz Terry / Founder of BioVitality

Being a partner with lonestar dads is one of the best thing I have done for my business. Not only did I make my investment back in a short amount of time, I also get to be apart of this amazing group focused on dads being the best they can. This is a great community of fathers supporting each other. I have also referred as many of my business referral partners to join and support the group. Love the group!

Dwayne Saunders / Founder of Genuine Automotive & Diesel

Being a supportive partner of Lonestar dad has increased my business exponentially. I’ve got to meet some wonderful people and provide a very valuable service for an amazing group that does wonderful things for the community. I’m proud to be a part of this group and look forward to bringing awareness to the charitable and life changing things that this group does for the community.

Jeff Lapoff / State Farm Agency Owner

As a business professional, I am always looking for the best ways to increase revenue with the best return of investment. Being in the service industry, our goal is to always help those when they need it the most. The best part of being a referral partner with Lonestar Dads is it does both! In a very short time, we made our investment back which is awesome but even better is knowing we got to help other great guys who share the same passion as us- being a great dad !

Jose Cavazos / Founder of Army Ant Moving

Let’s Talk Pricing…

Monthly Supporting Partner
$97 Monthly Fee
Listing on website and events. Month by month basis, no contract. Cancel any time (with 30 day notice).
Website Advertisment?
Email Advertisment?
Social Media Promotion?
Event Promotion?

Mandatory: You MUST offer some form of a discount to our community members. It’s our way of showing these men the benefits of staying an active and engaged member of our community.

Refund Policy:  30 Day money back guarantee on your first monthly payment.  No refund offered on additional monthly payments.

buy now!

Once payment has been completed you will be emailed within 24 hours with the next two steps needed to add you as a partner. Make sure you keep an eye out on your spam folder.

Have Questions or want more information?

You may have questions this page hasn’t answered based on your specific business, if that’s the case just send us an email letting us know what questions you have and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can to answer any questions you may have.Below is our email as well: