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Our community is free to join. When a dad becomes a member, they get an Official Membership Card that entitles them to all of the perks Lonestar Dads has to offer including: 

  • Free Events
  • Virtual Monthly Contests with prizes ranging from $500-2000 in retail value
  • Random Giveaways ranging from $500-2000+ in retail value

Our members are more likely to use products and services from their own communities. A little trust goes a long way and, when you partner with us, you’ll earn trust from and access to our loyal and active community. This should translate into positive ROI for your business. 

The majority of our “Partners” generate enough ROI to renew on a yearly basis.  We rarely see cancellations.

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Email Marketing

Since our members are always chomping at the bit to find out information about our next big contest or giveaway, our open rate is extremely high for our weekly newsletters. In these B2C emails, we give updates on events, giveaways, and contests while showcasing your business.

Included in 1 email per month
(you provide new content each month)

Social Media

Our Facebook group is our most powerful channel. Our group members stay active with all of our updates. When you partner with us, we will promote your business to our community AND tag you any time one of our members mentions needing your product or service. We approve posts before they can be made public, which allows us to tag your business before any other comments.

2 posts per month
(you provide new content each month)

Directory Listing

We have a comprehensive list of vendors and businesses that partner with us on our perks page. Each listing has contact information that our members will use to find you when they are in need of your particular set of skills. Oftentimes, our members will look through our directory for services because of their membership discount. This means you will be seen by our community before your competition.

Included in the directory
(specific to your chapter)

Direct Mail

Once every quarter, we send out mail the old fashioned way to all of our members. They will receive an envelope filled with coupons and special offers from our partners. If you think our email open rate is effective, you’ll love what we can do for your business with a direct mail campaign.

Included in every packet
(you provide the material)

Entertainment & Retail
Created for the Bars, Restaurants, Kids Activities, Local Stores and similar industries
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Directory Listing
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Created for the Ballet, Jiu Jitsu, Music, Pre-Schools and similar industries
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Membership By Chapter

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Being a partner with lonestar dads is one of the best thing I have done for my business. Not only did I make my investment back in a short amount of time, I also get to be apart of this amazing group focused on dads being the best they can. This is a great community of fathers supporting each other. I have also referred as many of my business referral partners to join and support the group. Love the group!

Dwayne Saunders / Owner, Genuine Automotive & DIesel

Love Lonestar Dads. I was lucky enough to help 2 members of the group find homes within a month of becoming the exclusive realtor and excited to help many more. Wonderful group of human beings who constantly look to help and bring others up. Couldn’t speak highly enough about LD.

Rafael Llorente / Realtor, Twelve Rivers Realty

Being a supportive partner of Lonestar dad has increased my business exponentially. I’ve got to meet some wonderful people and provide a very valuable service for an amazing group that does wonderful things for the community. I’m proud to be a part of this group and look forward to bringing awareness to the charitable and life changing things that this group does for the community.

Jeff Lapoff / State Farm Agency Owner

Thank you for the opportunity to be an exclusive partner! Last year alone, 16% of my revenue was gained and supported from the fathers and husbands of Lonestar Dads! It has opened the door for many more friendships to come! Thank LSD!

Steve Albarracin / Owner, Flooring Company

With in a month I received invaluable time with my Family. Urban air, an F1 experience with my son, and top golf. On top of it all, I have even received closed business. Highly recommend joining the group to add value to you life and business.

Kalob Pation / Health Insurance Agent

As a business professional, I am always looking for the best ways to increase revenue with the best return of investment. Being in the service industry, our goal is to always help those when they need it the most. The best part of being a referral partner with Lonestar Dads is it does both! In a very short time, we made our investment back which is awesome but even better is knowing we got to help other great guys who share the same passion as us- being a great dad !

Jose Cavazos / Co-Founder, Army Ant Moving

Great to deal with in terms of communication and transparency. Received multiple referrals within the first week of going live as a partner.

Dr. Law Tsai / Urologist, Texas Urology Specialists

We’re a Real Life Community… not Just a Virtual One

When we have events, our dads show up ready to interact and engage. Putting a clickable ad in the corner of a blog isn’t good enough to get conversions these days. When a community networks in person, they are more receptive to your messaging. 

All of the amazing experiences we have provided for our community would have been impossible without support from partners and sponsors. Our dads are a loyal bunch and if they feel invested in our organization, they will be invested in you too. 

That’s the reason why we have been able to retain and extend the packages of 80% of our exclusive partners. We connect dads to businesses through joyful experiences and there’s really no better way to get this level of customer loyalty.

Frequently Asked Questions…

We are the first to see every post because they have to be approved before going live in the group. We will comment with a link to your directory listing, explain that you’re our exclusive supporting partner and then turn off comments so no competitors can comment.

This answer varies. Possibly, however if there are ANY other partners in your industry in that specific chapter you can not upgrade to exclusive until their partnership ends. You also will not be credited the original partnership amount. Meaning upgrading means paying full price, even if you’ve already paid the basic annual partnership or a couple of months of the monthly package.

The only key difference between the two is that you will have 0 competition in that city. We can not sign any other partners in your industry and any time someone asks for your service in the group we tag you and turn off all comments. It also shows the men that you came in and invested at the highest level which they will appreciate.

If you want to be a supporting partner in multiple chapters, you will have to pay for each chapter. However, we will gladly provide a group discounted rate.

Additional questions can be emailed to