Largest community of
Dads in .

When you become a member you will get unlimited access to our monthly events, contests, give-aways and discounts at no charge to you. Memories are priceless, come make some with us. Did we forget to mention that it’s free to become a member?


Largest community of
Dads in .

When you become a member you will get unlimited access to our monthly events, contests, give-aways and discounts at no charge to you. Memories are priceless, come make some with us. Did we forget to mention that it’s free to become a member?


Free Membership, Unlimited

We built the largest and most interactive community of dads in Texas by following two simple rules… Always keep it free and always keep it exciting. We do this by giving some of the most exciting, thrilling and “once-in-a-lifetime” experiences away free of charge to members of our community.

In the space in between, we fill it with local events at no cost. From renting out an entire venue to covering your first two drinks, the goal is to make sure you’re never disappointed when you attend one of our monthly events.

Oh… need a drain unclogged, AC fixed or your car washed? We’ve partnered with local businesses, many who offer exclusive discounts to our members, to make sure the perks never end being an Official Lonestar Dad.

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Hear From Some Members:

I joined Lone Star Dads earlier this year to find some people to hang out with. It is great to see the camaraderie formed here and the willingness to help other dads and their families during times of need. I’m glad there is a place to come to just for dads.

Chris C

A dad here had asked us to tell one of your proud dad moments. I gave him a proud moment of both of my kids. In return he gave us all movie passes to his theater!! They are some really cool dads here!!

Christopher S

This is a strong community of supportive men and fathers. I have seen more people willing to jump in and help a complete stranger then I have in my own family. Always good advice and help available when needed. It’s awesome to see this community thriving. There’s 1,000’s of mom groups but dad groups aren’t popular nor do they seem as legit as this one.12/10 recommendations.


If you’re from Texas, and a Dad, this is the group for you. The resources that are available and the support is unbelievable!

Laken K

We all know the stress and expectations set upon us as men and dads, and we all need a place to vent and reminded we’re human. This group has helped me tremendously mentally.

Chris S

A reassuring resource. Its a place i can reach into my pocket and pull out friends who can help with a lot of situations. A “dad” resource for those who mitve lost their dads, or dont have one.

Daniel E

I’m new to this group, but from what I’ve seen this is an awesome group to be in. I enjoy how we can have a conversation without it escalating to an argument and I can’t wait to see what next year will bring and what adventures await all of us

David B

I don’t have any father figures in my life, this group is one of the few places I have to reach out and garner information which really helped when my baby got Covid at 7 months old

Christopher R

New to the group! I really like it ! Seems like you guys will add a lot of value to the community in the years to come. Congrats !

Nestor R

This group is amazing! The connections and expertise available is mind blowing! In all instances I’ve been helped with the questions or help needed. Truly beneficial group!

Jimmy B

From what I’ve seen, this is a good place to be as a dad and parent. Seems everyone really wants to help each other. It’s nice to know there’s a hand if I need it.

Zachary J

I’m not a very social person, this has been a great group.i love that people are actually here for eachother instead of just being internet trolls.the amount of weight on a father’s shoulders can be alot but knowing your not the only only one going threw things makes you feel a little more confident about being a good dad

Korey R

I have been a part of this group since year one. I’ve met several dozen of the guys in person and so far every single person has been great. Even online this group is mostly positive and supportive.

Michael K

I am a newly single dad and have almost no connections to other dads in the area. This group has been awesome so far! I can’t wait to continue becoming more involved and continue making new friendships and connections!

Jay W

Lonestar Dads seemed like another group, looking for more members, boy was I wrong! These men are for real! They’re here for us and each other. We talk about real life situations, we joke we laugh and I cry sometimes while reading or writing my brothers on this page. I’m a small business owner and when I’m big enough I plan on offering services to all my brothers in here. This group is legit, definitely don’t sleep on this one.

Bobby S

I’ve enjoyed reading all the posts from all the Dad’s in here. I’ve definitely learned a few things to improve myself as well as having new perspectives to think about when I’ve run into some of the same problems that some of the Father’s have experienced and shared in here. I’ve really enjoyed being a part of Lonestar Dads.

Brent T

I was invited to this group, and read the description of what this group was. I like most of the guys in this group wanted to build a better and more lasting relationship with my kids. It was everything I had been looking for. Since joining this group, I have done just that. I have become closer to my kids. I have learned from other dads that were going through similar situations than me. I haven’t been to any of the meet and greets yet, but I have been involved in several discussions in this group, and will eventually get free to make it to a meet and greet.

James M

I love seeing a place where Dad’s of all walks of life have a place where they can come and meet. Whether it’s in a time of need, trouble finding a parenting solution for current kid issues, support while working through a divorce, or even trying to find a solution to avoid divorce. Its Dad Depot, like Home Depot, but an endless supply of life tools for all types of projects.

Tad P

I personally like seeing all the camaraderie in this group. The admins keep it in line and are exceptionally attuned at providing assistance with all inquiries. I’ve yet to see any negativity from anyone and we all know that is rare in this day and age. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love you guys!

Richard M

I enjoy this group. I believe I saw it in the news a few years ago and joined. I’ve also invited my buddies. I like the fact you can come in here and everyone is genuine. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any smack talk and if so it was handled quickly. This is a safe place for dads that just want to be dads and connect w other dads.

Brandon P