Memories Are Priceless…
Come Make Some With Us

When you become a member of Lonestar Dads, you’ll get access to all the events, giveaways, contests, and discounts at no cost to you!

Once in a Lifetime Memories

When you sign up for your free membership to Lonestar Dads, not only do you get all of our amazing perks at no cost, but active members in our community are randomly chosen for huge giveaways where we create an experience you’ll NEVER forget. EVERYONE gets a CHANCE to win these awesome prizes. 

Some of our lucky members have been BLOWN AWAY by these personalized and amazing experiences including: 

  • Skydiving
  • A guided fishing trip off the coast with the AirBnB stay included
  • A limo ride to a fully prepared picnic for a Father-Daughter date at the park
  • Private tour on a biplane over downtown Austin for a Father & Son
  • A romantic evening on a floating dock with limo service for a happy couple

Our goal is to create memories for you and your loved ones that will last a lifetime. How do we do this without charging? Thanks to our community partners, all of our perks and activities have been made possible. Make sure to support them!

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Memory Focused Experiences

Lonestar Dads is not a nonprofit, but we treat our members as if we are by providing once in a lifetime experiences free of charge.

Below is a list of some of the experiences we’ve provided for some of our lucky members to have:

✔ Sky Diving
✔ Guided fishing trip on the coast with AirBnB stay included
✔ Limo ride to a setup picnic at the park for a Father-Daughter date
✔ Private tour on a biplane over downtown Austin for a Father & Son
✔ Date night with a limo ride to a lake to spend on a floating dock

Everyone gets a chance. Members are chosen randomly based on their engagement within the community.

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Fun Community Events

Members of Lonestar Dads can attend any of our events across Texas at NO COST. No need to purchase tickets or pay an entry fee. Typically, you will need to RSVP, but that’s it. 

Being a dad makes it hard to have a social life. Your family and free time is precious. We totally get it. That’s why we do what we do. Some of our events are family focused and some of them are for dads only. One thing’s for certain, our events are ALWAYS fun and they’ll give you a well deserved break from the everyday hustle while helping you create lifelong friendships with fellow fathers.

Events Include: Poker nights, fishing trips, happy hour hangs, hunting trips, bar game tournaments, camping trips, and more

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Fun Community Events

Lonestar Dads Members receive access to attend any of our events across Texas completely free of charge.  No need to purchase tickets or pay entry fees.  Any events hosted by Lonestar Dads will be completely free for it’s members.  Being a dad takes up a lot of our time and makes social life a challenge.  This is why we do both family focused and men only events to keep that balance and allow our members to create lifelong friendships with fellow dads.

Events Include: Poker nights, family focused outings, fishing trips, hunting trips, camping trips and weather appropriate events.

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Big Contests and Major Giveaways

Lonestar Dads frequently hosts contests that give members a chance to win various prizes that range between $200 and $2000 in value. While some of our contests are local to specific chapters, most are held virtually so dads from all chapters can compete at once. 

Some of our contests include: 

  • Father-Daughter Makeover Contest
  • Virtual Fishing Tournament
  • Cooking Contests

There is no entry fee for our contests. Every member can compete at no cost.

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About Us

Lonestar Dads was created in May of 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown to give fathers in Texas more opportunities to spend quality time with their kids and to spend more quality time with themselves. 

The dad community has often been underserved. Mom groups can be found everywhere, but dad groups are few and far between. By building the largest community of fathers in Texas, Lonestar Dads aims to change the game for proud Papas around the state. 

By keeping our membership and perks entirely cost free, Lonestar Dads is doing just that.

Contests With Big Prizes

Lonestar Dads holds contests regularly giving it’s members a chance to win all types of prizes.  Most contests are held virtually for dads from all chapters to compete in.  Contests can be something like a father-daughter makeover contest to a virtual fishing tournament to a cooking contest and everything in between.  Prizes for these contests are normally a bare minimum of $200 retail value to upwards of $2,000 depending on the type of contest being held.

Contests are free. No contest held has an entry fee or ticket price. They’re completely free to be part of.

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Exclusive Discounts for Members Only!

Several brands and businesses have graciously partnered with us to bring these experiences to life. All they ask in return is for you to CHECK OUT their stuff! A lot of these businesses provide services you’ll need at one point or another. You might as well spend the money with people who are investing back in YOU. 

Some discounts will be for products and services local to each chapter. Other discounts can be used nationwide. None of these crazy opportunities would happen without the help of our Supporting Partners. 

Members get discounts on:

  • Automotive Services
  • Legal Services
  • Medical Services
  • Educational services
  • Restaurants

…and more

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Exclusive Discounts

Lonestar Dads Members receive access to exclusive discounts provided by both local and national “Supporting Partners”.  These are businesses that pay to support our community which is how we’re able to pay for the contest prizes, free events as well as the experience giveaways.  We would not exist without these amazing partners.

The majority of these partners are services you already use in your daily life, so why not get a discount on services you already use by being a member of a completely free community?

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Hear From Some Members

Lonestar Dads is a super helpful group that I’ve used many times in connecting with people to help me out with home and car repairs, things to to do with my family and how to be the best dad and husband I can… thanks LS Dads! Look forward to many more years of gaining and sharing important and relevant info in our crazy world today… Bravo!

Jon K.

Lonestar dads has not only been instrumental in growing my business, but I’ve met some pretty amazing people throughout this group that will become lifelong friends. It’s a great way for the community to get together, help each other and just talk a lot of trash together.

Jeff L.

I think community is the big thing. LSD has made me feel like I’m not the only one in the trenches trying to figure out how to make the most out of being a dad, and these guys are all doing the same and all super excited to share their experiences.

Jon A.