Welcome to Lonestar Dads

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We’re on a mission to become better fathers and strengthen our relationships with our kids through community events and individual practices.  Below are just a few examples of what we do in this community.

Outdoor Adventures

Fishing, hunting, camping and many other types of outdoor adventures will be something we regularly do with both daughters and sons.Creating memories our kids will never forget.Let’s get them unplugged.

Life Skills At Home

Covid won’t stop us.We’ll bring in businesses & experts to provide us with different activities and ideas on things we can do at home to teach our little ones new skillsets while getting quality time.

Father-Daughter Dates

Spend quality time with your daughters showing them what they should expect from a man through father-daughter dances, date nights and other activities that strengthen the father-daughter bond.

Exclusive Community

Being a dad is a fun adventure, but sometimes it just sucks because of our own mistakes.We have conversations on our struggles and support each other through the hard times.

Supporting Partner Highlight

Lonestar Dads is a completely free community, but that’s only possible due to our Supporting Partners.  Thanks to their sponsorship, we’re able to continue to do amazing events and contests.  Please take a minute to checkout this partner!

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Upcoming Events

Here are some events coming up this week.  All Lonestar Dads Members are welcome to join ANY event.  You MUST be a member to join though.  Please register here if you’re not a member yet.  Don’t worry, it’s free to be a member.