Sunset Cruise on Lake Travis

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The sunset cruise is at least 90 minutes on the water (typically about 2 ½ hours start -> finish depending on client location). These typically begin 1 hour prior to sunset & conclude shortly after. Right now, we have been scheduling these from 5PM-6:30PM, but that may be adjusted if the dad chooses.

The Lonestar Dad that wins will get to experience the beautiful Lake Travis sunset from the best seats. Typically, we get the vessel to the Hudson Bend area for the sunset view, as it has traditionally been the greatest visibility.

A Captain & a host will be present aboard the vessel. The captain will primarily operate the helm & anchor (if needed), while the host prepares any refreshments, assists with mood setting (lights, music, etc.), & captures the experience via pictures & videos (with winner’s permission), which the Lonestar Dad will receive following the outing.

The Lonestar Dad does NOT have to do their cruise on valentine’s day, we encourage the client to schedule at their preferred date based on weather conditions for the best experience.

The Lonestar Dad is welcome to request a specific destination on the lake (a restaurant or preferred docking area). We have many clients that take the cruise to a nearby restaurant on the water, eat, then enjoy the cruise back afterwards.

The dad and significant other are welcome to get in the water if they choose, & flotation devices will be provided.

Sun & Water Yacht Co will provide one bottle of the Dad’s preferred “Captain’s Call” signature beverage, or, champagne or wine.

Sun & water can provide 1 medium sized charcuterie board & fruit/vegetable platter, if the couple do not intend to eat elsewhere. While these will be purchased from the market, they would be re-plated for aesthetic purposes & available to the couple by request.

Typically, the clients meet the vessel at the marina & depart from there. However, depending on the client’s proximity to any given dock, we may be able to facilitate a pick up for their convenience.

This vessel has a cabin with conditioned air, a head (restroom), as well as several other dining amenities.

How to Enter:

Tell us (in 500 characters or less) on why you want this experience with your significant other & what it would mean to you. The winner will be selected from the submissions.

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