Father and Child Date Night (CLOSED: Winner Announced)

Congratulations to the winner!

Jesse Hyde from our Austin chapter won the contest!  His son listed “Utah” on his list and we reached out to Jesse to learn that they used to live there and have family and friends they haven’t seen in a while.  So we purchased roundtrip tickets for Jesse and his son Camden to go back to Utah for 5 days!

Want the chance to win an all inclusive fully paid for date night for you and one of your children? Now’s your chance!

Taking your child out to dinner is fine, but sometimes we as fathers want to do something bigger… something they’ll never forget.  The problem is… Making a “once in a lifetime” memory can be a bit pricey.  

If your child loves bowling…  What if we rented out an entire bowling alley for you and your kids?

They love helicopters… What if we paid for you to have a helicopter tour?

These are just a couple of examples to help you and your children start thinking down the right path.

As you know, Lonestar Dads is built on the foundation of memories. We believe it’s truly the most valuable asset we can ever leave behind for our children. Memories that they can tell their kids. So we’re going to help one lucky member do just that!

The Prize:

A fully paid for Father and Child date night.  No costs to you what-so-ever.

The Contest:

We seem to make decisions for our kids on a regular basis, so it’s time to switch the roles around and let them be the decision maker on this one.  Have each one of your children write down their top 5 dates they’d love to go on with you.  Tell them to be creative, even if they think that it sounds unrealistic.. we still want to see it.  

If your child can’t write yet, just ask them and write it down for them. Try to let their imagination run free with little guidance from you.

How To Enter:

Fill out the form below and attach a picture of the paper with your child’s wish list of date nights.  Please make sure to include a description/typed out list on the form as well just in case the paper is a bit hard to read. 

Have more than one child?  Fill out a different form for each child.

Cut-Off Time:

The form will turn off on Friday, September 23rd at 11:59 PM Central.  The winner will be announced on Friday, September 30th.


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