We bring local Dads to your doorstep.

Tap into the largest and most interactive community of dads in the state of Texas and get your business in front of them through social media, email, website advertisements and direct mail on a monthly basis.

What makes lonestar dads different?

To explain that, the first thing we need to do is explain what we are not…

We are not a blog, a podcast or a magazine. Those businesses that charge you money for a simple ad placement on the side of a website that no one ever clicks. We are not a lead service, meaning we don’t charge you per lead.

We are a community of local dads. We do monthly events, virtual contests and random give aways. Values of the events or prizes normally range in the thousands. We do all of this completely free for our dads. They have no membership fees or dues. They don’t pay for tickets to attend events.

Why does any of this matter to you? Because, these dads know that we wouldn’t exist without you. So, the next time they need a service like yours… they’ll come here to find it. To support the businesses that make what we do possible.

Essentially you’re not paying for advertisement space.  You’re paying for the trust and loyalty from our community that we work hard to nurture and maintain on a daily basis.

Did we forget to mention that WE guarantee YOUR work?

You read that right… in order to show our members how much we trust our partners (and why they should too), we guarantee their satisfaction when doing business with you or we’ll reimburse them out of our own pocket through the Lonestar Dads Protection Program. The best way for us to show these men how much we trust you and your work is to put our own money where our mouth is.  Yet another reason that our members will use our partners before turning to Google or Yelp.  Neither of those services offer anything close to this.  For select industries only, contact us if you are curious if your industry would be covered under this program.

Service Partner Marketing Channels

The below perks come with exclusivity to any county of your choice during checkout. You will be the ONLY company in your industry that we advertise to that specific county through email, direct mail and social media marketing. It’s easier to generate a ROI for you when you’re the only one we’re promoting.

Bonus: Your Dedicated Team Members

As a Service Partner, you get access to your own dedicated team who’s job and priority is to do everything in their power to make sure you generate a ROI by being a partner of ours. Our #1 goal in our business is retention. We want you to stay around for years to come.

Francis Fernandez
Account Manager

Francis is there to support you Monday-Friday from 8 AM – 4 PM Central through phone, email and live chat. His job is to make sure all of your social posts get scheduled, email ads get placed, website ads are live and direct mail flyers are ordered. He’s also there to answer any and all questions you have.

Keisha Manalad
Graphic Designer

Don’t have an in-house graphic designer? No need to get one for your Lonestar Dads content. Keisha will help make an image for every social post, email/website ad and direct mail flyer you need. This is included in your package completely free of charge. The best road to the best response is a strong graphic.

Anosh Vaswani
Marketing Strategist

Worried about ROI or not getting a positive response from the audience? You can schedule a 30 minute call with Anosh every month and he will come up with new creative ideas for content and strategies to increase your conversions from our audience. His number one goal is to help you generate the ROI you’re looking for.

Being a partner with lonestar dads is one of the best thing I have done for my business. Not only did I make my investment back in a short amount of time, I also get to be apart of this amazing group focused on dads being the best they can. This is a great community of fathers supporting each other. I have also referred as many of my business referral partners to join and support the group. Love the group!

Dwayne Saunders / Owner, Genuine Automotive & DIesel

Love Lonestar Dads. I was lucky enough to help 2 members of the group find homes within a month of becoming the exclusive realtor and excited to help many more. Wonderful group of human beings who constantly look to help and bring others up. Couldn’t speak highly enough about LD.

Rafael Llorente / Realtor, Twelve Rivers Realty

Being a supportive partner of Lonestar dad has increased my business exponentially. I’ve got to meet some wonderful people and provide a very valuable service for an amazing group that does wonderful things for the community. I’m proud to be a part of this group and look forward to bringing awareness to the charitable and life changing things that this group does for the community.

Jeff Lapoff / State Farm Agency Owner

Thank you for the opportunity to be an exclusive partner! Last year alone, 16% of my revenue was gained and supported from the fathers and husbands of Lonestar Dads! It has opened the door for many more friendships to come! Thank LSD!

Steve Albarracin / Owner, Flooring Company

With in a month I received invaluable time with my Family. Urban air, an F1 experience with my son, and top golf. On top of it all, I have even received closed business. Highly recommend joining the group to add value to you life and business.

Kalob Pation / Health Insurance Agent

As a business professional, I am always looking for the best ways to increase revenue with the best return of investment. Being in the service industry, our goal is to always help those when they need it the most. The best part of being a referral partner with Lonestar Dads is it does both! In a very short time, we made our investment back which is awesome but even better is knowing we got to help other great guys who share the same passion as us- being a great dad !

Jose Cavazos / Co-Founder, Army Ant Moving

Great to deal with in terms of communication and transparency. Received multiple referrals within the first week of going live as a partner.

Dr. Law Tsai / Urologist, Texas Urology Specialists


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