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The Lonestar Dads Protection Program was created to show you just how much we trust our Supporting Partners.  We believe that we are the first community to launch a program like this, it’s never been done before.  As you know by now… we like being the first to do something unique and different.

Important Note:  Only the Supporting Partners with the badge at the top of their listing are covered under the Protection Program. If you don’t see that badge, they are not covered under this program.


When you purchase a product or service from a Supporting Partner covered under this program, we are protecting your purchase for up to $500 (maximum). This means that if you are unhappy with the product and/or service and you are unable to either get your money back from the Supporting Partner or you both are unable find an amicable solution to make things right… We’ll refund you out of our own pocket. Direct refunds from us will only be issued if the Supporting Partner you did business with does not refund you themselves.  We won’t issue a “double refund”.

Three Strike Policy

The three stike policy is put into place due to things not always going right between a customer and a business.  Once or twice may be one-off issues that happen on occasion in any business. Three times becomes a pattern. This policy stands for both members and Supporting Partners as detailed below.

Supporting Partners: If a Supporting Partner receives three compaints from our members through the Protection Program during one calendar year, the partnership will be cancelled by Lonestar Dads and a refund will be issued to cover any unused remaining time on the partnership. We need to ensure that we only partner with the best companies.

Members: If a Lonestar Dads member files three complaints on three different partners during one calendar year, that member will no longer be covered under the Protection Program. We set this rule to avoid people who may be trying to play the system. We hate that we even have to think this way, but this is a new world we’re living in and we need to protect our members, our partners that do the work and ourselves.

Rules & Regulations to Filing a Refund Request

  1. The transaction must have happened on or after January 1, 2023 (official launch date of the Protection Program)
  2. You must be an Official Member of Lonestar Dads to qualify for this program.  An Official Member just means that you have a free account on our website.
  3. The transaction must have happened with a Supporting Partner that is covered under the Protection Program. Remember, look for the badge on their listing on our website.
  4. You must have a receipt or some form of proof of purchase which shows the dollar amount spent
  5. You must have first tried to find a solution with the Supporting Partner before filing a refund request with us. Please include proof of this via PDF’s or screen shots of emails, texts or social media messages. If the Supporting Partner already refunded your payment or plans to do so, we do not issue a refund.
  6. We have a maximum refund amount of $500. If your transaction with the partner was $500 or less, we will refund you the full amount.  If the transaction was $501 or more, we will refund you the maximum amount of $500.

As long as you followed the above stipulations, we will approve your refund request.  The refund can take up to 30 days to be issued. The refund will be issued in the form of a check from Lonestar Dads that is mailed to your address on file.

Oops... In order to file your refund request under the Protection Program you must first Login.