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about the contest

Sometimes the kitchen can be the best place to create the most memorable events… so with that in mind we’ve created a cooking contest. This will run different than others because the winner won’t be based on the taste of the meal (since it’s virtual). It also won’t be based on the presentation of the meal. The winner will be chosen by the best story/memory created.

Get in the kitchen and cook a meal with your kids, it can be anything you like. Take a picture of the end result of you and your kids with that meal and share a brief 4-5 sentence paragraph about the memory you created while cooking and what it meant to you, along with what you hope it meant to them.

We will share all the entires with all the members of Lonestar Dads who will then vote for the best story/memory. The family with the most votes win.

(Feel free to invite other TEXAS dad friends to vote, they just have to signup for free on the site)

Deadline: Must enter by March 14th, 2022 at 10 PM central.

the prize

The winner of the contest will receive a month of free groceries (food items only) for the month of April, 2022. Grocery bill must match your normal grocery bill, we will ask for your last two receipts when you went shopping. If no receipt, just a screenshot of the charge from the local grocery store is fine. Must be a realistic number, and must not exceed $1,000 for the entire month.  Groceries can be purchased weekly or bi-weekly based on your needs.

We will create a group cart on Instacart, you add the items to the cart and when finished let us know and we will complete the payment. You can then go pickup the items or have them delivered to you.

how to enter

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