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about the helping hand program


You can add funds to the Helping Hand Program anytime you want. Even just $5 can make a difference. You will also have unlimited access to…

  • The transaction history
  • Receipts of money spent
  • Current balance
  • Number of Dads helped

History will be updated every Monday at 10 AM. We believe in being fully transparent about where the money is going.

The only thing we don’t share is the name of the dad we helped to prevent any feelings of embarrassment.



We are here to help you as a member of our community. We’ve all been where you are. There are two rules when providing you support…

  1. We will not provide you cash or direct money, however we will purchase whatever you need for you and have it sent to you (same day if needed). Have a bill you need help with? Let us know how much it is and we can pay it for you. Need diapers or formula? We won’t go cheap, tell us the brand and size and we’ll get you exactly what you need.
  2. There’s a reason we call it a “Hand Up” and not a “Hand Out”. When you get back on your feet, we ask that you replace the funds so we can help someone else. This is not a loan, there’s no interest fee and we won’t chase you for the money back. However, we can’t help you again until the first time has been repaid to the fund. We follow the honor system.

Need help fast? Don’t worry, we pay close attention to the program so we can get you the help quickly.


Transaction history

No transactions, program wasn’t created yet.

Fund created Friday, February 18, 2022.

  • $100 Added to the fund by Lonestar Dads – 2/18/22
  • $25 Added to the fund by Brian Campbell – 2/18/22
  • $25 Matched by Lonestar Dads – 2/18/22
  • $50 Added to the fund by Russell Charlton – 2/18/22
  • $50 Matched by Lonestar Dads – 2/18/22
  • $10 Added to the fund by Andrew Goode – 2/18/22
  • $10 Matched by Lonestar Dads – 2/18/22
  • $50 Added to the fund by Jesse Hyde – 2/19/22
  • $50 Matched by Lonestar Dads – 2/19/22
Total Deposited: $370

No current withdrawals

Total Withdrawn: $0

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