What Lonestar Dads is all about


Leading our children towards a better future by focusing more of our time on teaching and not just financially supporting.


Understanding that while our children do need structure and discipline, it’s also just as important to show them affection.


Learning from each individual child on a daily basis so that we can become the father they need individually.


From online contests to in person camping trips, we come together to create lifelong memories with our children.


Building a place where dads can connect and share challenging moments and get input from other dads for an outside perspective.


While we become better fathers together as a community, we also focus on becoming a better father individually every day.

This community was built specifically for the fathers who are focused on both creating memories our children will never forget and becoming the role model they’ll tell their grandchildren about.

“We only have one life, let’s live it!”

– Lonestar Dads

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